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Summer is almost here!

I don ‘t know about you guys, but we have a summer countdown sign up in the house. A very low tech version made with sharpies and post-it notes. While everyone is gearing up for summer, don’t forget to schedule in a visit to your child’s pediatrician if your child is going to need a new health form. They are always packed in August with everyone who waits til the last minute (yes, I am guilty of this).

While school is almost over and the kids are geared up for their break, don’t forget that fathers day is just around the corner. I found a great low cost gift if your house is not nut free. Check it out at LizzieJanebaby. The Idearoom.net has a great alternative version that uses soda bottles. You can also substitute it with water bottles for all you healthy people.

If your planning on sending your kids to camp this summer, there is still time if you hurry. I know I always seem to wait til the last minute. Hallabolou currently still has openings for some of their camps. This year we have our new Hallabonaut camp (Halla-bo-not) and our Deep Space Terraforming Camp.

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