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Get Ready for Fall…

The first day of school is right around the corner and many parents are counting down the days.  If your cleaning out your closets for all the new school clothes here is a list of 25 places you can donate items.  If your looking for a fun way to give your child’s teacher some additional school supplies take a look at what Pumpkin and a Princess did.

Not sure if your read for your kids to start school this fall?  Here is a simple list to see if your ready.

1. Immunizations or physical form – Many schools require a new physical form yearly if your child will be participating in a school sponsored sport.  Any time your child receives and immunization, you need to bring in an updated form to your child’s school.

2.  Transportation and after-school care – Even if you don’t plan to carpool, gather contact information for neighbors and other parents who may be able to help when needed.  Having a neighbors number helped me when my car broke down and I didn’t think I would make it to his bus stop in time.  Some after-school care have waiting lists so make sure you get your paperwork turned in.  Hallabolou is available at select schools, see our website for more details.

3.  Mark school events on the calendar.  Create a master family schedule and add each person’s appointments and activities.  Currently I am using Cozi which has a free online calendar and has an available mobile app.

4.  Stock up on School supplies – get extra items that your child is likely to misplace or quickly use up, such as glue sticks.  Put items that your child make need while doing homework in one location.  I have a mug with each child’s name on it with sharpened pencils, scissors, glue stick and a ruler where they do their homework so they can always find what they need.

5.  Extracurricular activities – if your child’s nervous about making new friends, fun activities that teach new skills are a great way for them to make some new friends.  Just be careful to not over-schedule your family or your child.  Neither of you need the extra stress it brings.

6.  Teacher Communication – If you have the opportunity to meet your child’s teacher before school find out if they prefer to communicate by phone, e-mail or notes.

7. Do a dry run – Talk with your child about what their schedule will be and walk through their day including how to get to and from school safely.  Reminders on where they need to go after school and set up a system so if their after care changes often that they won’t get confused such as adding a special key chain to your child’s back back that will remind them where they go for that particular day.

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