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What to do with Halloween Candy

After paying a Candy Tax (hey, I need to get compensated for supervising), my kids always have a ton of candy left after Halloween.  If you are looking to avoid some of the sugar rush, here are a few things you can do.

Donate candy to our TroopsOperation Grattitude accepts candy to send to the troops.  They ask that you separate chocolate from hard candy (chocolate will melt in hot climates).  If you want to help them along, you can include a donation of $15.00 which will cover the cost of a care package sent to the troops.



Check your local dentist – Some dentists sign up to buy back candy from kids and then donate the candy to Operation Gratitude themselves.  Each dentist is a little different in what they offer your children for the candy. Click here for a link where you can enter your zip code and see if your dentist participates.

Bake some treatsReal Simple has some great recipes that can use some of the kids candy.

I generally divide up their loot.  All that they don’t like we donate to Operation Grattitude.  They then earn $5 that goes into their charity fund.  Each year in December the kids decide what charity to send the funds to.  When they do this, they then get to have half of the money in their saving fund go into their spending fund. Then they get to have 2 treats a day, but only after homework and studying is done.

What are you all doing to do this year?


Lego Pumpkin

With a storm brewing, I am looking for some fun indoor things to do with my kids and I came across this great Lego Pumpkin.

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