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The Count Down Has Begun!

on March 20, 2012

There is only one thing that kids love more than their winter holiday break, and that’s Summer Vacation.  Summer is right around the corner even if spring hasn’t begun yet. (March 20th is the official first day of Spring).  It’s almost time to hang up our winter coats in favor of lightweight jackets and rain coats.  There are a lot of choices that we make as parents.  While our public schools system chooses what and how students will learn, as parents we have the choice in how to supplement their public education.

Many of us choose to enroll our children in summer camps that are full of field trips, water days and playing tag just like we did in our youth.  Many others jump at the chance to give their children a glimpse of what they may decided to do in the future.  I like to find a mix in the middle by often choosing half day programs.  Just enough educational learning in the morning then the afternoons I like to take them to the pool, local park or brave the tourist crunch and see a museum.

Here are a few places to check out for summer programs and they might still have openings for spring break which is right around the corner for most of us.   Hallabolou still has openings available for some of its holiday and summer break programs.  If you live in Fairfax county, or Loudoun county  you can find some traditional summer options for half or full days.  Another great option is to see what your local university is offering like GMU.

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